not-only-birds Not only birds | Théâtre du Gros Mécano


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For information about the show or tours, please contact:

Léa Fischer-Albert
Development director
418-649-0092 *25


A Théâtre du Gros Mécano and Code Universel danse company coproduction. 

Not only birds? is a show at the junction of contemporary dance, theatre and interactive vidéo, creating a unique and evocative language whitout the use of any words.

This production presents the cycles of life as an oneiric journey in a sensitive and playful way. Not only birds? stages a family united in trials and in joy. It is a work of great scenic poetry and absolute lyricism.

Age range : 5 years +
Maximum capacity : 300
Length : 45 minutes


The creative team :

Playwrights: Daniel Bélanger and Carol Cassistat
Choreographer : Daniel Bélanger
Director : Carol Cassistat
Dramaturgy consultant : Louise Allaire
Assistance director and coach : Sonia Montmigny
Performers : Daniel Bélanger, Maryse Damecour, Jean-François Duke, Valérie Laroche and Eve Rousseau-Cyr
Images and video : Louis-Robert Bouchard
Lights : Keven Dubois
Original music : Nicolas Jobin
Costumes : Marie-Chantal Vaillancourt