Our artistic director created this special artistic space intended for welcoming artists, mentoring them and exploring new ideas in 2001. It allows artists from all backgrounds wishing to engage with young audiences to test their artistic ideas in our space, using our resources. What results from this laboratory-type setting is new shows, new partnerships with the TGM, the discovery of new artists, the emergence of new ideas and innovative projects, as well as the launch of new cultural mediation workshops – in short, many stimulating and enriching encounters that go beyond the usual sending of a resume. 

Modul’AIR’s structure allows for many projects to be explored at once. Playwrights can develop plays, artists can explore a new concept, a company can look to buil a coproduction partnership, etc. Every TGM show goes through Modul’AIR, but not all Modul’AIR explorations become TGM shows.  At times the exploration stalls, at others, it takes off on its own; sometimes, it comes to full bloom within the company. 

L'oiseau de nuit

L'oiseau de nuit is a coproduction with le Théâtre Bluff, a theatre company who works with teenagers, based in Laval, near Montreal.

The play will be for an audience of teenagers, from 12 years old and over. The author will be Isabelle Hubert. The play will be translated in English, and the same team will be able to present it in French and in English.

The show will be created during the 2018-2019 season.