A new show for international audiences: «Not only birds?»

The Théâtre du Gros Mécano, in coproduction with Code Universel, as just created a new show that combines contemporary dance, theatre and interactive video. Not only birds? is a perfect show for international audiences, as the story is told without any words. Discover the poetic and moving story of a familly that goes through the death and mourning of the father, but that finds the strenght to get through this and relive hope!

A coproduction between Théâtre du Gros Mécano and Quebec City’s Code Universel created an opportunity for the first collaboration between director Carol Cassistat and choreographer Daniel Bélanger. This performance at the intersection of theatre and dance takes full advantage of the latest technology to interact with young audiences.

Nous ne sommes pas des oiseaux ? is a playful, dreamlike representation of the cycles in the life of a close-knit family through times of trial and joy—a work of great poetic beauty and lyricism.

Dramaturgy, choreography, direction and artistic direction: Daniel Bélanger and Carol Cassistat

Performers: Daniel Bélanger, Maryse Damecour, Jean-François Duke, Ève Rousseau-Cyr and Valérie Laroche.
Projections and video design : Louis-Robert Bouchard
Lights : Keven Dubois
Music: Nicolas Jobin