Our vision and history

Théâtre du Gros Mécano (TGM) puts performers, words and images, wonder, imagination, reflection and poetry forward to foster an accessible theatre, open to various forms and contents. Our company values original works, providing artists with a space for research and artistic experimentation, thereby contributing to the development of contemporary theatricality and the promotion of our culture both locally and abroad.

In 1976, the founders of Théâtre du Gros Mécano wanted to preserve and develop a mandate that had been part of the Théâtre du Trident’s original mission: theatre for young audiences. Nearly 45 years later, Théâtre du Gros Mécano remains a creation company, producing and touring professional productions for young audiences and families throughout Quebec, Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

TGM was one of the very first TYA companies in Quebec to present its shows in fully equipped, well-located venues. This expertise was later passed on to Théâtre jeunesse les Gros Becs – which we cofounded – in order to develop audiences in the Quebec City region. As a result, we’ve been able to invest more of our resources in artistic research and creation, as well as market development in Quebec and abroad.

Cooperation and collaboration have always been important professional motivators, which is why the TGM has co-founded numerous regional and national organizations: Le Théâtre Périscope, Le Théâtre jeunesse les Gros Becs, Le Centre Alyne-Lebel, La Maison Théâtre et Théâtres Unis Enfance Jeunesse. These organizations – of which we are still active members – have significantly shaped the development of the discipline.

The company has now produced around sixty professional productions. Each season, through its many artistic activities (new creations, tours and workshops in schools), TGM hires about forty of Quebec City’s professional artists. As such, the company contributes to the vitality of Quebec City by offering quality jobs, cultural mentoring and a space for creative experimentation.