(Module d’A ction, d’Inspiration et de R echerche)


Created in 2001, Modul’AIR has become a key element in artistic development and research, providing a structure to nurture the raw inspiration of artists wishing to create for young audiences.

Whether through writing, dramaturgy, set design, music or any other form of artistic expression, Modul’AIR’s ultimate goal is to provide a space for pure research. Focusing on encounters, innovation and artistic freedom, there is no obligation for this research to end up on stage. We believe no matter which path is taken, research time is never wasted. It always brings valuable answers for the next step.

Modul’AIR can support several projects at the same time, sometimes even on a spontaneous basis, in order to be better attuned to our community and the artists’ immediate needs. We aim to provide them with logistical, administrative (mentoring) or artistic support, and occasionally even financial, so that they can assess the relevance of their projects with other designers and the target audience.

Modul’AIR constantly brings in new blood and new talent to the company. The resulting productions don’t always revolve solely around the company’s core artists. This very open approach contributes to the renewal of our practice, the emergence of new ideas and the development of our dramaturgy, as well as providing more jobs for local artists.


  • LE CRIARD – TRANSLATIONS Building on its success in Quebec and Italy, Le Criard is currently being adapted for a Spanish (La Gritona), English (The Screamer) and Norwegian (title to be determined) version, with the aim of further expanding its international touring potential.